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Hindi TV Serials Apnapan

Apnapan Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

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Apnapan if literally translated means the oneness and closeness, especially the bond that one shares with family and loved ones. So, doing justice to its title Apnapan was a Sahara One daily soap that centered on the concept of relations and family ties. The story emphasized on the point that it was not necessary that only blood relations are the true ones, sometimes you meet such people by mere instance of destiny who do such things for you that even family would not be able to do and they form a family, not by blood but by heart. The serial was launched on the channel on 12th November and broadcasted every Monday to Thursday at 1.30 p.m. and the repeat was telecast at 11.00 p.m. Veteran TV actors like Kiran Kumar, Shagufta Ali and Pramod Moutho were cast as the lead actors for the serial. The story of the serial began with the wedding of the characters played by Kiran Kumar and Ali. But soon after having a child, they started having problems and with the passage of time, the differences only grew. Pramod Moutho, who played a friend of Kiran’s character, began to develop a soft corner for his friend’s wife due to her pitiful condition. Eventually this soft spot turned into love that turned his friend against him. How the whole dilemma was resolved and who the lady eventually thinks to be his real Apna formed a really interesting watch. The intriguing serial was directed by Chander Behl and V Menon and was produced by SIMCL.

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