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Kannada TV Serials College Masthi

College Masthi Kannada tv-serials on YouTube Channel

College Masthi is a youth-oriented TV program which airs on Raj Musix Kannada. Raj Musix is a 24-hour music channel in Karnataka which has some interesting TV shows under its name. College Masti is one such program which has been a favorite of many such college students. It follows the host as he travels to various colleges in and around Bangalore during their Fests which occur annually. During college life, one thing which we all remember is the yearly fests that used to happen in the college.

The Fests took up all our time. The preparations, rehearsals, and arrangements all are a part of the fun. College Masti aims at traveling to every college in Bangalore for the purpose of attending their Fests. It shows the exciting and festive atmosphere which is prevalent at the times of Fests. It is an honor for the students and faculties as well as they get to see their beloved college on TV. They also get to see their performances and appearances on TV which is quite exciting to them and makes them happy. College Masti acts as a platform for making people know which college has fests at what time and the level of enthusiasm the students have during these Fests.

It is an out and out youth-oriented tv show which aims at bringing together the new generation students who are always full of life and have the utmost will and desire to learn and know about many things. It is a very interesting show as the audience feels that they are experiencing the fests while seeing the enjoyment of the students. The students dance or sing or showcase their individual talents to their friends and viewers simultaneously while getting a lot of applause and cheering from them. It is broadcasted on Raj Musix Kannada and has quite a good viewership or rating among the audience.

The students love to watch their performances on TV and feel good when they are complimented by many. This gives a moral boost to them and it makes them do better in their desired field or their line of passion. It is quite beneficial for the people who want to know more about a certain college apart from just their education and studies. 

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