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Kannada TV Serials Sakkath Atte Super Sose


Sakkath Atte Super Sose is a reality game show which is aired on Surya TV. The serial is aired during the weekends at prime time, with a runtime of one hour. The competition is between various teams who have to compete against each other and progress to the next round. Initially there are 5 teams. These teams are made up of mother–in-laws and daughter-in-laws.

Each of them form one team. Then games are played accordingly. Each game represents one round, and the team which comes last will be eliminated. This goes on for four rounds until the final round where the winner of the last game is the winner of the show. Each episode has a different winner. Unlike most shows where the winner of the day’s episode gets to participate in the final episode for an even larger prize, Sakkath Atte Super Sose doesn't do that.

Before the start of the game, the two hosts come on stage and start sharing a few jokes. They then invite the participants to come on stage. Their families are present in the audience. The anchors ask them whether they think their family members will win the game. They also talk about their relationship with each other. Jokes are told regarding the general theme of most of the soap operas in the country. There is a huge screen behind then which shows the time remaining and also the score.

After the completion of the first game, the points scored in the given task as well as the duration for its completion are compared and the lower scorer goes back to the audience. There are no hard feelings among the contestants and certainly no crying. Everything is taken in good spirit as it is a fun show where nobody is dependent on the prize money for their livelihood. The eliminated team however does get a gift for participating in the game.

There is loud music and a colourful background. The hosts are excited which can be felt by them cheering the participants on their mikes. The winner is decided by the toughest game of the episode. The winner gets a cash prize and a gift hamper. The family of the winning team is also called on stage to celebrate with their mother and wife. The serial ends with the hosts wishing everybody well.

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