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Telugu TV Serials Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule

Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule Telugu TV SERIALS on Gemini TV

In Hyderabad, an outpost named as the Anand Nagar Colony is situated. In this place, the main plot of the story revolves, where in, there are four families whose wives share a special bond of friendship that encourages them to be optimistic towards life. Prakash and Soundarya are the couples with love and understanding between them. They respect their culture, marriage and respect others. The main story begins when a beautiful girl comes in their life looking for her husband Prakash. Our next couple is Sudha and Subbarao, who is a middle-class couple. Sudha always complains to her husband for not letting her purchase expensive jewellery, sarees and household items, which always leads them into a fight. The major problem begins when her in-laws come to live with them. Third is an IT couple, Latha and Surya.

They share and spend all of their earnings together. That's why they have a high package and thus they always have a race to be better than the others, which carries Mythili to her colleague Sharat who consolidates Latha but what she does not understand is that his intentions towards her are not good. On the other hand, her husband Suresh has his eyes of the middle-class housewife Sudha, who comes across as a lovely woman to him. The last couple is Kiran and Anusha, who have moved as new tenants in the ground floor of Shakthi, a handsome gym trainer's house. Kiran, husband of Anusha, is handicapped and Anusha is a beautiful attractive Malayali woman towards whom Shakthi is attracted. He uses the maid servant for getting closer with Anusha. An old woman named Thayaar amma also lives alone in the society.

Her passion and entertainment include gossiping about the lives of all the residents of the Anand Nagar colony. Meanwhile Ramya, a young beautiful woman, arrives in the society which leads the admirable couple, Prakash and Soundarya towards a devastating incident of the murder of his wife. In Soundarya's case, the investigating officer finds out many hidden facts about the people of the colony.

The colony has many weird and unique characters residing in it, such as the old man Manmada Naidu who believes that women go giddy over him and the drivers, the iron-man, their wives working as helpers at different homes, their chatting and titbits on the problems of the colony residents, their romances, shame, and secrets that develop into fascinating circumstances in the story. The worthless ego, the idiocy of humankind that wastes our precious years, the knowledge of all this comes as once life goes beyond control, which results in the better understanding of what family, marriage, love, care and sacrifice is all about. In acknowledging the society where we live in, and our role as its residents makes the story of Aadavari Matalaku Arthale Verule!

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