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50-50 is a popular game TV show. This is a Telugu language TV show. Maa TV which is one of the leading Telugu language TV channels has telecast this popular game TV show for its audiences. The TV channel has also featured shows which have truly entertained its audiences. 50-50 game TV show came with the caption which was Its My Game.

One of the most associated names and, a popular name on the Maa TV, Omkar hosted this TV game show for the channel. Before this, he had produced various other popular programs for the TV channel. Some of them were reality TV shows like the dance competition Aata. This TV game show was made for the TV personalities. The celebrities came to participate in this spectacular game show.

The prize of 50-50 game show was money. The only way to win the game show was to guess. The more right guesses, the more chances to win and, if the celebrities manage to get their guesses right they could take over One Lakh Rupees home with them. The game show had four doors named as North, South, East and, West. Behind these four doors, there was money which was hidden.

Omkar provided each participant with a total of 15 chances to guess the name of the right door to win the prize. Out of these 15 guesses, all those guesses which have been made correct to a limit to 10 were added. And, the wrong guesses to a limit to 5 were deducted. After the addition of 19 right guesses and, deduction of 5 wrong the prize money was calculated. After this, the participants could take their calculated amount home with them. Many TV celebrities came to participate in the big game TV show. There were a lot of fun and, entertaining moments.

The host Omkar used to have fun sessions with the celebrities and these sessions were highly comical, full of satire and, entertaining. The host started the episodes with some funny clips, funny acts, and the introduction of the celebrities participating was also kept funny. The TV game show was a weekend show.

The Maa TV channel telecast the episodes of 50-50 game TV show at 9 PM on Saturday and, Sunday and there were repeat telecasts of the same during the week days. The audience loved watching their favorite celebs participating and winning. This was a hit TV show for the Maa TV screens. The audience loved Omkar’s hosting.

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