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Choreographer Designer Of Steps

A choreographer is a person who designs dance steps to a song or music. There are numerous dance styles that are indigenous to different countries or regions of the world, like Bharatnatyam originated from Karnataka and Tamil Nadu whereas Ballet is an Italian form of dance. To become a choreographer, one has to train in one or more dance forms like hip-hop, jazz, contemporary, classical, etc. and the learning phase begins at a very tender age. It is not necessary to obtain a formal education in dance to become an established choreographer.

Dance is an indispensable part of Kannada cinema. A choreographer’s role in a film comes into play after the songs have been recorded by the playback singers. The dance steps are composed according to the type of song. An item song would require bold and sensuous steps whereas a soft romantic song calls for slow flowing steps. After the steps are designed, the choreographer teaches the movements to the actor and actress, and the background dancers. He also has a say in the designing of the costumes for them. A good choreographer makes an efficient use of the stage or area available for the dance with his innovative ideas and works closely with the set designer and the lighting operator. Sandalwood’s most popular choreographers are listed on this page! Have a look.