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Judges Are Spellbinding

Television, these days, is ruled by reality shows. The right blend of reality, glamour and drama is what keeps the audience glued to their TVs when they are telecast. Besides the talent of the participants that keeps these shows going, such programs are incomplete without the eminent judges, the famous anchors and the deliberate spectacle they create from time to time, in order to achieve soaring TRPs. There is a huge variety of reality shows served to the Telugu audience these days, right from dancing and singing to acting and cooking shows.

The production houses choose elite personalities, who have an experience and expertise in the theme on which the program is based, to judge them. They usually look for actors or actresses and renowned singers to take the position of the judges in dance and singing shows, respectively. Since most of the reality TV goes on air on weekends, the celebs easily juggle shootings and their other professional activities. Their job as a judge involves them judging the performances of the participants, and guiding and mentoring them towards success. The page here features some of the famous Telugu reality show judges.