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Assistant Hair Stylist

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Hairstylist Enhances The Hairdo For The Artist

Assistant Hair Stylist is the one who maintains the hair workstation. They set up the table with all the hair brushes, products, and equipment like the hair dryer, straightener, etc. a couple of hours before the shot is ready. They also check the washrooms because hair styling might require frequent washing. They are exceptionally well at different styling's like straightening, curling, braiding and other tie-ups, waving, cutting, and non-permanent coloring. They also maintain all the different kinds of wigs that they carry for the actors.

They are constantly in touch with the Make-up team and the Costumes Department. They assist in the purchase and transporting kits in between venues. They take charge of the hair styling if the chief stylist can’t turn up or wait back during the shoot. They ensure continuity during the shoot.