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Camera Operator

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Camera Operator Caretaker Of Camera

A camera operator is someone who handles the camera for a film or TV show. There can be both male and female camera operators. He/ she are responsible for the correct positioning of cameras and camera angles to get the right look. They are professional cameramen or camerawomen who work on sets. A head camera operator may also be known as a cinematographer of the film. For TV shows they are more commonly known as television camera operator while in video productions such as music videos they are called videographers. They fix the cameras and position them in the right angles to capture scenes according to the script.

They collaborate with the director, actors and script team to get the right shot. They also work with the head of photography department and the lighting team. A good camera operator can successfully help to understand the storyline of the film or TV show with camera movements and angles. They can freelance or work under a certain larger photography group. A camera operator is the main camera head while shooting for any scene and may be specialists of certain cameras or visual equipment.