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John Musker

Birthday: 08-11-1953 Age: 65 Star sign: Sagittarius



John Musker is an animation director for the Disney studio America. He was born in Chicago, Illinois to Robert Musker and Joan T. Musker. He completed schooling from Loyala Academy and did his graduation from Weinburg College of Arts and Sciences and California institute of Arts. His major was in English. Initially, John used to make a cartoon for the Daily Northwestern. Musker married wife Gale in 1979 and has twin sons Jackson and Patrick and a daughter Julia.

Musker’s career took a turn when he met ‘ Ron Clements’ in the year 1981. In the starting, John worked as a character animator and story artist along Clements on few projects. John worked as the supervising animator for the film ‘The Fox and Hound.’ They first worked on Clement’s idea of animating the Children Storybook series ‘Basil of Baker Street.’ John worked on the story. John made his directorial debut with the film ‘The Great Mouse Detective’ in 1986.

Next, the duo worked for Disney CEO ‘Michael Eisner’ towards the production of ‘ The Little Mermaid.’ They worked for three long years to make it a success. On the release of Mermaid in 1989, Disney animations rose to fame. It was a milestone in Musker’s career. The film received $184 million worldwide and this was impeccable. The duo Clement and Musker were keen on bringing their story of the Treasure Island in space to practice. But then, Disney's chairman ' Jeffrey Katzenberg' assigned them new projects. In 1991, they worked together for ‘ Aladdin’. In 1992, Aladdin was the first animated film to collect $200 million.

In 1995, the duo worked for the movie ‘ Hercules.’ In 2002 their project ‘The Treasure Island in Space’ was finally released. By this time Musker was a successful animator, screenwriter, producer and film director. But due to a rejection of his project by the then Chairman of Disney, he left John Disney studio in 2005. He was re-appointed along with Clements in 2006 by the new Chief creative officer ‘ John Lasseter’. John then worked for ‘The Princess and The Frog.’ They went to New Orleans for its research and operation. Actor ‘Paddi Edwards’ was once again cast the lead for this film after Aladdin and Treasure Planet.

Till date, John is known for the strong character he portrays in his films and his collaboration with partner Ron Clements. His characters have distinctive mustache every time and he tries to put an image of himself in them. The funny caricature of his character is praised all the time. He always believed in expressing through hand drew animations. John was the creative advisor for the 2014 film ‘ Big Hero 6.’ His recent projects include creative direction for the film ‘ Zootopia’ and Direction of the film ‘ Moana.’ Moana is their first ever CGI film based on a female protagonist.

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