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Film Distributer

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Film Distributor Does Publicity

A film distributor is in general acts as a middleman between the producer and the possible consumer. It is the duty of the distributor to make the movie available for the viewers. He is the one who plays the key role in the financial field of the project as he is the one who attracts the consumer towards the project. The distributor first helps in financing the motion picture, he helps in acquiring the filming rights and also in funding the printing and advertising the film. He also helps in deciding the release dates and links up the project with various advertising agencies.

Next, he also helps with the exhibiting of the flick by sending materials like trailers and posters to various exhibitors. The distributor also finalizes the locations for the picture screenings and negotiates the selling price of the project with the possible buyer. In general, distributor looks after all the commercial rights regarding the project, from theatrical cinemas to videos on DVDs, the internet and they also manage international sales.