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Mimicry Is A Tallent !!

"Mimicry refers to the imitation or repetitive action of a certain behavior or sound. They also include gestures. A person who does mimicry is known as a mimic or a mimicry artist. They are also known as an impressionist. He / she can be a mimic at any age. Some child artists are even mimicry artists. Mimicry began after the use of face masks was removed in theatres. Now mimicry artists act in films and dramas or TV shows. They add an entertainment value to the film or TV show.

Mimicry artists act different emotions and mannerisms depending on the role they are given in the film or TV serial A mimicry artist could be the main lead or act as a supporting actor / actress in the film. Mimicry can be done based upon any genre and topic depending on the mimic or impressionists ability. Not all mimicry artists are specialized in a particular act. Mimicry is done to add fun to the plot, develop the story line and/ or tell us something about the characters. Mimicry is also used to make fun of other films, roles, characters and stories. Mimicry is also done as a hobby other than being a professional at it."