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Recording Studio

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This Is Where You Create Magical Music

A recording studio is a well-equipped studio for the purpose of recording and mixing music. An acoustician designs the entire space with separate chambers to get the recording done as well as for the sound monitors. These workplaces are specially designed to achieve the maximum of all the acoustic properties. These studios can be utilized for the recording of any sort of sounds- music, dialogue replacement, animation, voice-overs, or Foley.

The rooms where the vocalists and the musicians get their work recorded is called the "live room" and the monitors are placed in the "control room". The control room is handled by the composers, sound technicians, and the producers. These rooms are equipped with consoles and computers with the latest software installed and mixing technologies made available. Several studios contain something known as the "isolation booth" which is designed for the purpose of having the loud instruments, such as the drums or the electric guitar, and prevent its sound from being audible to the microphones which are capturing the vocals and other milder instruments.