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Sound Re Recording Mixer

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Have You Ever Heard About The Sound-re-recording-mixer?

A Sound Re-recording Mixer or better known as the dubbing mixer is an audio engineer for post-production, whose main task is to mix recorded sound effects and dialogues to be able to create the final soundtrack for TV shows, advertisement, or feature film. This final mix should attain the required sonic balance on several sound elements (such as Foley, dialogue, sound effects, music, etc.) and should match the sound designer or director’s creative vision. The sound re-recording mixer should also ensure that the sound is correct stylistically and technically.

The re-recording mixer is responsible for mixing the soundtrack for the audience preview, which normally spans for three days. They usually work in a big mixing table and must do their tasks quickly and accurately. When the audience preview was done, producers or the financiers will require re-cutting of the film, which means further editing of mixes is needed. The director and executive producer will then give their final approval, and the re-recording mixer is responsible for pre-mixing the sound and reduces the track numbers to be able to get the final mix.