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Febi Mani



Febi Mani is a very popular Tamil playback singer. She has worked in many popular movies as well. Febi Mani has a beautiful and melodious voice and the audience loves her songs very much. Her songs are available on YouTube, Gaana and Saavn, which the population can easily access. She got married to Srikanth Deva. Her husband Srikanth is a Music Director in Tamil films. One of the Srikanth’s popular songs is NO Money No Honey and the audience likes his songs as well. Febi Mani’s popular music albums are Muthu, Vaali, Ilamai, Majunu and much more. She did a great job in all these albums and all of these are very popular.

She was the part of the movie Padayappa as she is the playback singer in this movie. She is the playback singer of the song Kikku Yerudhey with Mano and this is the song of the movie Padayappa. Padayappa is a drama film and an amazing movie with amazing music. The audiences love Febi Mani’s performances in all her movies and albums very much. Her voice is magical and the audiences never lose the chance to hear her voice. She is also the playback singer of the movie Jeans. Jeans is also a popular Tamil movie.

Febi Mani is the singer of the song Love Theme of the movie Jeans and she has not only done the Tamil version, but she has done the Hindi version of this song as well. Jeans is also a very popular comedy films and the audience loves this movie and the songs of this movie very much. She is also the playback singer of the movie Kaladhar Dhinam and this movie was released in the year 1999. Kaladhar Dhinam is also a very popular Tamil film and people appreciate Febi Mani’s performance in this film very much.

Her voice is very attractive and touches the cords of everyone’s heart. She is also the playback singer of the song Minisara Kanavu and she has done a fabulous job in it. She is the singer of many popular songs, all of the songs are very beautiful and pleasing, and all the age groups like her songs a lot. Some of her popular songs are Anak Kambing Saya, which was released in the year 2014, Putih Putih Melati in the year 2017, Nama Nama Rasia that was released in the year 2014, Oh Mariya, Krish Krishna and much more. She has worked very hard all throughout and earned a lot of success in the industry.