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Unit Costumer

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In Front Of The Lens Or Behind, Dress Well!

After the design of the costumes and accessories for the entire cast of the film is ready, they need to be supplied to the team. The costumes and accessories are supplied, and often made, by the Unit Costumers. The entire style department is constantly in touch with them so as to continuously update them with whatever changes are being made from their end to avoid rework and thus, the delay. Unit costumer takes in the information regarding the budget and schedule as well as, they opt for the cheapest way to deliver the material to the sets without delaying the process.

They also conduct multiple quality checks at all the phases- there are several phases involved in the supply of the goods, such as the packaging, shipping, receiving, and the final delivery. They also develop the guidelines for the product in case any of the clothing material or the accessories is sensitive. They are aware of the entire schedule and supply the products a couple of days before the rehearsals start, so as to ensure that the users are comfortable with them. There are times when the crew members have a dress code- the unit costumers are asked to supply a particular uniform(clothing or any unique identity to differentiate between the crew members and the others) for the same. Apart from plays, they also work for plays and masquerades.