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Top 10 Bollywood Spine-chilling Movies Inspired By True Events

In today’s world, where we question the legitimacy of all things, particularly the supernatural world of the unseen, we cannot completely ignore the possibility of it. The thought of black magic, Voodoo dolls, vengeful evil spirits, and psychotic serial killers has demented our minds since long. About to be revealed are the top 10 Bollywood films, based on real encounters and experiences which will leave your blood-curdling.

1. Sangharsh (1999)

A psychological crime thriller, inspired by the famous, “Silence of the Lamb” movie, revolves around the story of a psychopathic criminal who sacrifices children in the name of religion to attain an everlasting life. Child abduction and murders follow. The appearance of young Alia Bhatt as one of the targets also leaves us grappling for fear. Tracing back to the criminal records in history, one can find a similar fanatic who committed gruesome acts of disgust. The infamous, ‘Ed Gein,’ better known as ‘The Butcher of Plainfield,’ was involved with multiple murders and further preserving the dead bodies to make use of their skins and bones.

2. Ragini MMS (2011)

A young love-making couple on an eerie farmhouse rigged with cameras records the paranormal activities within the house and consumes the audience with horror and shock! The movie is based on the actual paranormal events witnessed by a 22-year old girl named, Deepika who once spent a weekend on the outskirts of Delhi with her boyfriend.

3. Papi Gudia (1996)

Another terror striking, movie based on a magician and theft, thirsty for murder who summons a voodoo curse, transfers his soul into a doll and becomes an inseparable toy of a young boy. The movie is based on a real life cursed doll, named Robert. In 1903, a boy named Robert Eugene received it from a Bahamian servant. Soon the parents began witnessing unusual events in the presence of the frightful looking doll. They also heard strange voices and giggles from their child’s room.

4. Gehrayee (1980)

Many times our perception is limited by our doubtful belief about the presence of evil spirits. Gehrayee, vouched by many horror geeks, is one of the most fear inflicting Bollywood movies. It portrays the world of the supernatural from a realistic approach. Use of Voodoo dolls and spell enchantments using a lemon are methods used even today in India to conjure a curse upon enemies.

5. Nagina (1986)

A classic, semi-mythological and a fantasy thriller in which the main protagonist is a shape-shifting, snake-Woman, starring Sridevi. Her hypnotising eyes and mind-numbing performance leave the audience mesmerised. Amrish Puri and Rishi Kapoor in the lead roles also add to the charm of the movie. Although shape-shifting snakes or ‘icchadari nagins’ are mere superstitions, nevertheless, widely held religious belief prove otherwise. In Christianity, it is believed that the devil took the form of a snake to lure Adam to eat the forbidden fruit. Islamic beliefs state that if one observes a snake inside the house, one must provoke it to leave the house three times, if it persists still, then only, one must kill it as an evil spirit resides in it.

6. Karthik Calling Karthik (2010)

A psychosomatic spine-tingling thriller which dwells around an introvert who faced a traumatic event during his childhood, underrated and bullied by his brother, which leads to his bizarre subconscious disorder. He now faces an internal conflict with his alter-ego which haunts him daily. Similar to this plot, some people in real-life are unable to cope with anxiety and paranoia impairing the mental state of mind resulting in disorders like paranoid schizophrenia and have made life difficult for those who face it.

7. Deewangee (2002) 

Out of the many peculiar plots in Bollywood, Deewangee, is a mind-boggling thriller, with a plot twist that will keep one hooked to their screens. A story is based on a court case, unravelling a mysterious abnormality of the convict. In 1970’s, the curious case of Billy Milligan was a highly publicised court case, who was able to avoid prison on charges of rape and robbery as he suffered from ‘multiple-personality disorder.’

8. Raat (1992)

Sweltering intense fear, featuring, Ram Gopal Varma’s, ‘Raat’ was a box-office hit. The grave tale orbits around a family of four, who move into a haunted house, with strangely, a cat lingering in the basement. As the cat gets killed by the family by a car accident, series of horror events unfold. In medieval history, we find an inhuman event associated with the mass killing of cats. In the 14th century, Europe, the ‘Black Death’ pandemic seized the entire nation. As death rate increased, people attributed the disease to God’s wrath. Thus, women accused of witchcraft were burnt and many killed off all the village cats due to their association with witches.

9. 1920 (2008)

Make your blood run cold, by experiencing horror like never before, introducing 1920. It has its setting in the year 1920 with a married couple living in an unknown haunted-house. Soon the wife gets possessed by demonic spirits that dwell in the house. In order to save her life, the husband seeks help to cast out the evil spirits that possess her. In today’s world, exorcism continues to be performed on mentally and emotionally struck patients. The Archbishop of Calcutta, Henry D’Souza, once claimed that Mother Teresa was subject to exorcism in her later years in which she suffered insomnia and other ailments.

10. 404: Error not found (2011)

This psychological thriller is sure to leave the viewer with his heart in his mouth. The movie unfolds the story of a new college student allocated a room in a hostel, daunted by a suicide event committed by the previous resident. The protagonist begins to conjure up ghostly appearances of the dead student everywhere and becomes a victim of visual and auditory hallucinations which is a well-known mental disorder even today. This movie is sure to leave a person flabbergasted by the end of it.

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