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The Disney classic romantic story is being remade as the Beauty and the Beast. Now let’s see whether this versio..

Beauty and the Beast Movie Review

By nettv4u.com Movie story for the film "Beauty and the Beast"
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The Disney classic romantic story is being remade as the Beauty and the Beast. Now let’s see whether this version manages to impress us.


An enchantress wants a proud and arrogant prince Dan Stevens to realize that beauty is skin deep. How does he realize this fact? ; he realizes this when the enchantress transforms him into a frightening beast. How can the curse be broken? Yes, the beast has to find deep love from someone. And there enters Emma Watson who is quite an easy-going girl hailing from a small town;she loves reading books and is also progressive minded; she bounces upon the beast. Watch the movie to know what happens later.

Star Performances

Stevens does well in his part that has shades of sadness. As for Watson, she enacts her role in a satisfactory manner. She is seen as a “beauty” in the film who has intelligence. Luke Evans does an impressive act. The voice-overs of the staff in the castle are highly appreciable. With their voice-overs you gain an affinity towards the characters.


Whether or not you are interested in Disney princesses or the great fairy stories this musical will keep you hooked to the seats. The remake of Bill Condon has an incredible charm attached to it. Condon, the director of the film, emerges successful in carving each and every character with great finesse. There is a distinct personality in every character. Besides, there’s some changes from the original work, which are substantial ones.

What’s there?

• The special effects of the movie is outstanding.

• The costume designing, songs and sounds are par excellence.

• The beast character in the movie gets an incredible transformation through the CGI.

What’s not there?

• The love angle of Stevens and Watson could have been more endearing.


One would get a visual treat in the cinema halls.

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