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Hello Mama is an adult comedy entertainer scripted and directed by Mohan Shankar. “Sampratha,” “Soujanya,” &..

Hello Mama Movie Review


By nettv4u.com Review for the film "Hello Mama"
1 Hour 55 Minutes

out of 5.0

Hello Mama is an adult comedy entertainer scripted and directed by Mohan Shankar. “Sampratha,” “Soujanya,” “ Bhumika” and Aravind Rao are also in the star cast with Mohan. The film has the music composition of Dharam Deep and Prasad Babu is the cinematographer. Besides directing and acting, Mohan produced the film too.


Vijay is working as the car driver for Makarand. Besides being a driver, he is his assistant too. Vijay has borrowed from Makarand and he is unable to repay it. As he couldn’t make it, he has to do whatever is ordered by his boss. He has been helping his boss in some illicit affairs too. Although he didn’t like it, to escape from the loan, he had to nod his head for his boss. But, Vijay gets terribly shocked, when he sees his lady love along with his boss. At the same time, Makarand’s wife decided to divorce him, after knowing his illicit relationships. But, Makarand reveals the truth after he was caught. Why did he do all the drama? Is he really a womanizer? Watch the film in theaters.

Star Performance

Aravind Rao is the only performer in the film. The rest of the star cast did nothing useful.


Once again the all in all Mohan has come with an adult comedy script and have performed, directed and produced. However, we couldn’t find anything new in the film, which is similar to that of his previous film. These kinds of adult comedy films attract only a few sections of audiences. The production values are not good and the technical values too.

What’s There?

  • Aravind Rao’s performance

What’s Not There?

  • The script is not so strong
  • The dialogues are very poor and have the double meaning
  • Music and cinematography are not up to the mark
  • Poor execution


Although the film reveals a social message in the climax, it is not set for the family audiences. In total, this is not a must watch film.

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