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Antaral – A Gap In Time’ was a drama television serial that was broadcasted on Star Plus. The serial was created by Preeti Dayal and Aparijita Krishna. It was premiered on 4th January, 2000. The serial was a weekly serial and it used to air every Tuesday night. It was one of Star Plus’ prime time serials. The serial is one of just a few in which actor Om Puri has worked. It was aired at the 9:30 pm time slot and had a total of 52 episodes.

The serial was one of the first to have an anti-hero as a protagonist. It revolved around the life of Shree V, the character played by Om Puri. Shree V used to be a librarian in a small town, but he turns into a new-age guru. In the serial, Shree V is a man who is still living out his past. He has psychological problems which include sadistic tendencies. Shree V crushes all opposition during his rise to the top. All of this is caused by his pain at not being able to be with the love of his life, an event which occurred twenty-seven years before the time of the serial. Shree V tries to dominate everybody and everything in order to forget the pain that he endured at the hands of the woman who stole and later broke his heart. His dark motivation propels him to the top and he becomes very powerful. He changes into a power broker for politicians, industrialists, and celebrities. He is a puppeteer who pulls the strings of some very dangerous puppets.

The show got good reviews because of its unique storyline and the high quality of acting by Om Puri and the other actors.


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