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Psychology finds an answer to every problem. “Deep Talks by Deep Trivedi” is a program telecasted on Epic channel. The show features Deep Trivedi, a renowned writer, presenter, and an innovator in Psychodynamics. The show answers for every problem faced by the people. The show is for the people who are confused in their life, who want to overcome the fears and who want to acknowledge the true essence of life. Deep Trivedi teaches the Bhagavad-Gita on the show.

The title of the show comes with the tag line, “The Detox For Your Mind.” “Deep Talks” named app is also available in Google playstore with 4.3-star rating. Deep Trivedi discusses all the aspects of the human life and how to cross all the barriers with confidence. He discusses spirituality and spiritual psychology. The first episode of the show featured his deliberation about the major problem of the country, joblessness. He speaks about being unemployed at the age of 40s and how to tackle it.

He arguesthe concept of marriage. He differentiates animal love and non-veg food love. He answered questions on gambling and addiction for it. He discussed the ambitions remained unfulfilled. He speaks about the business and the risks involved in it. These lectures help one to understand one’s personality and act accordingly as per the situation. He also deliberated the ways to follow to get success. He explains the concept of cosmic energy.

He illustrates how one should be true to one’s self. He speaks about the fear and ways to overcome it. He even speaks of the things related to health and body. On a particular episode, he spoke about the sleep during the day and sleep during the night. He then explained why the sleep during the daytime is deeper compared to the night’s sleep. A stress-free life is what everyone wants to live. But no one knows how to earn it. Deep Trivedi spoke about how to lead a life peacefully, without stress. He debates on insomnia and its cure.

He suggested the ways in order to get rid of hallucinations and other psychic vulnerabilities. He can be regarded as the first person in the history of television industry who disclosed the branch called Spiritual Psychodynamics which is a part of Psychology which can be very helpful for the betterment of the mankind. The show telecasts on weekends, which is on Saturday at 10 AM and Sunday at 11 PM.


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