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Dil Sey Dil Tak is a romantic drama. Husband and wife Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Hukamchand Mittal are the creators and the writers of the show. Besides being the inventor and the writer of the show, they are also the producers of the show. Shashi Sumeet Productions is the production company backing the serial. The show premiered on and is currently running on the Colors TV Channel on January 30, 2017. As of now, seventy-eight episodes have been telecasted.

The show primarily revolves around a couple named Parth Bhanushali and Shorvari Bhanushali. They both are married now. They had met in Parth's office and then fell in love. However, Parth's affluent family didn't approve of their alliance as Shorvari is a Bengali and from a different caste than their's. As a result Parth's house gets divided into two. On one side Parth stays with Shorvari while on other part rest of the Parth's family stays. Even after two years, his family has still not accepted their marriage.

The family decides to send Parth and Shorvari away from the family to another country but an accident occurs and they come back home. On returning, the family comes to know that Shorvari is pregnant. They all become happy and Parth's grandfather allows them to stay at their place. But while climbing down the stairs, Shorvari loses her balance and falls. Parth admits her to a hospital where the doctor tells him that because of the fall, Shorvari's child died. Later, they come to know that Shorvari has become infertile.

Parth's mother comes to know about this and she tells them not to tell the real truth to the entire family or else Parth's grandfather will send him away from the family. The couple then decides to opt for surrogacy. For this, they find a simple but bubbly, gujrathi girl named Teni. They convince her to conceive their baby. Teni agrees as they promise her to pay ten lakh rupees. They bring her to their home and lie to the entire family that she is Shorvari's sister.

Every family member begins to like Teni because of her jovial nature. Poyni and Sejal, Parth's aunt and sister, get suspicious about Teni and try to find the real truth about her. Will Parth and Shorvari manage to keep their secret hidden and will that secret create a rift in the Bhanushali household is what remains to be seen. Rashmi Desai, Siddharth Shukla, and Jasmin Bhasin play the characters of Shorvari Bhanushali, Parth Bhanushali and Teni. The show airs on the channel every day from Monday to Friday.


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