Hindi TV Serials Ek Kiran Roshni Ki

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Ek Kiran Roshni Ki is a story of a girl Roshni played by Sheena Bajaj who is a strong willed and passionate girl who is a true believer of the Gandhian Philosophy and through these philosophies wants to create a better world. She loves to read books and it is these books that she gains her ideas from. By setting an example for everyone that it is possible to live in this changing society while remaining true to oneself is what she wants to prove. She even fights against injustice to prove her point and leave a lasting mark on one’s mind. People in her home as well are bothered by her honesty as well because they think that in reality, it is not possible to do so. In some situations, even her family members blame their troubles on her and her honesty as they have a conflicting opinion that one cannot succeed by following this true path. And in the commencement of the series she is despised by others because of her nature but slowly starts to win everybody’s hearts and others slowly start to accept her philosophy as well. The show was then further dubbed into regional languages and broadcasted as well.

The first episode starts off when a suitor with his family comes to visit her elder sister for her hand in marriage but ends up getting rejected as she honestly tells the guests about things her family members lied or didn’t reveal about her. The whole family ends up ganging up on her as to why she had to be so honest with them and it is because of her that her sister lost a good opportunity. She is also a girl who is deeply connected to her roots and cares for the family and at many times is seen sad for longing the appreciation and affection she gives to others but doesn’t get it in return. She is shown as a fighter who even after many struggles manages to keep her cool and at the end succeed. She is tested time and again by people who have malicious intentions for her even though she has done nothing to deserve such hatred from them. These people always try to bring her down but she figures out something by following Gandhi’s path and teaching them a lesson in the process. The show was directed by Abbas Gajdhar. Music was by Ravindra Jain and produced by SMR entertainments.The show aired around 2012-2013. Cast included Zarina Wahab (Mrs. Sharda Khanna), Anang Desai (Mr. P. K. Khanna), Aanjjan Srivastav (Mr. Shivkumar Khanna), Sheena Bajaj and Neha Narang (both played Roshni Khanna) and much more.


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