Hindi TV Serials Jabb Love Hua

Jabb Love Hua is an old television show which aired on India’s ZEE TV network between 24th April 2006 and 12th July 2007. The plot is a modern yet typical love story which involves a rich and spoilt girl and a poor boy.

The main characters are Aanya and Raghu who meet through fate. Initially, Aanya is show as a very spoilt, rich daughter of business tycoon Kishan Shroff. Her live revolves around holidays, shopping and boyfriends. She always thinks that she has everything and hence starts misusing the power of money to her advantage. The story takes its first major turn when on a holiday in goa, Aanya was about to throw a coin in to the wishing well but, she wasn’t able to think for anything to wish for. Then, suddenly the vacationer who is waiting behind Aanya and is irritated by waiting for so long tells her to wish to “lose everything in life” and unfortunately at this same instant, Aanya drops the coin into the well.

She feels pretty terrified about it but her father consoles her and asks her not to believe in such superstitions. Later in a party arranged for Aanya, Kishan receives a phone call that his name had come up in a big-scam and that he was about to lose all his money and property. This news ends up being true fear and they flee the city ending up in a remote village. This is where Raghu comes in. Aanya and Raghu first meet with a war of words and then slowly start to fall in love with each other. The story continues from here on.


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