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Kyunki…Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai is a drama serial in e-e format (entertainment-education) with main motive is to educate people about improving health conditions. Produced by UNICEF and supported by the Government’s Ministry of Health and Family welfare, this serial telecasted in Doordarshan, India’s national channel in prime time 830 pm for three days a week. This serial is an initiative of UNICEF’s “Facts for life communication”. It is similar kind of program with initiatives like, Soul City in South Africa and Sesame Street in the United States which promoted positive social behavior. This is a serial which have not only entertained viewers but also educated them.

Main characters of the serial are Kamla, moral and loving played by Geetanjali. Savitha, a happiest urban girl played by Shweta Munshi. Shabnam is a beautiful girl with razor-sharp character played by Geeta Bisht. Hiralal is humorous and with good character played by Ishtiaq Syed. Phoolwati is calm and patient played by Chandra Bisht. Gajendra the bad guy played by Anupam Shyam. Kyunki…Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai aims at reaching mostly rural and unprivileged people with vital information in terms of short stories to improve the standards of women and children. The serial touched many vital issues like HIV prevention, access to safe drinking water, nutrition, child protection and so on. The serial had an immediate impact on people.

Another Version Of This Bio: 

Kyunki Jeena Issi Ka Naam Hai was a serial being telecasted on Sahara One. The show had started from 21st February 2011 at 2.30 Pm from Monday to Friday. It had shown the way towards the positive change. The theme has been to make India, a bright country in the global scenario, by introducing certain reforms in this state. Anupam Shyam has played the lead of Bade Saab, and he was a very powerful man in the village of Rajpura. He had a rival called as Bade Ghar. The Saab family and the Ghar family were the rivals in the entire street and had often involved in various clashes.

The Bade Saab was the Panchayat Head of the local area. Mangat and the Munshi were his kids, and they always find shelter under the arm of their family. Saab family killed the member of their rival family. They had widowed a woman called Maya owing to their rivalry a few decades ago. As she was turning older, the idea of taking revenge of Saab grew higher and higher. Another woman called Shabnam was also a part of the clan. However, she had been tortured brutally by her husband and was often subjected to various forms of domestic violence.

 Irrespective of it, she had decided to make life on her own conditions. There is another young lady called as Kamla. At a tender age, she got married to a person of good character in her locality. However, his living did not last long. She had been widowed now and was confined to the neighborhood of Master. Meena and her gang of cute children in the surrounding was her only way to kill the time. They often stay at the place of Meena. The drama breaks the barriers of gender and language. It targets to impact positively on the viewers of the show. It has been created in such a manner to make the people experience high drama, comedy, romance, etc., through the Journal Daily soap. It delivers a great message to the society at mass. It also encourages positive character of difference in the country.

Social messages that encouraged the positive behavior of change had spread due to this. The producer of the episodes was the UNICEF, one of the organs of the United Nations and Randik Entertainment Private Limited. UNICEF had been producing the works of various countries that strive towards the changes in behavior as well as in ideals.


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