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Sharad Joshi has come up with a new concept and a new series named as “Lapataganj”. The show will be screened on the Channel Sab TV, starting from October 26. Ashwani Dheer is the producer of this show who is the producer of the show “ Office Office”. The show began in the year 2009 and was telecasted till the year 2014. “Lapataganj” means a lost place. This is basically an imaginary small town.

Through this show, Sharad Joshi, a famous Hindi serial scriptwriter, has tried to focus on the bitter truth of Indian society in his own sarcastic way. The story portrays the life of a middle-class family and relates closely to the Indian society. It exhibits how difficult it is to survive in the Indian society with all the social norms been created by the people of this society.

The story also emphasises upon how the people created these societal norms and moulded as per the convenience of the people themselves. Hence, the show touches the heart of the common mediocre people, and the audiences can very well connect themselves to the concept and the story of the show. Moreover, Lapataganj is one the neglected towns in the Indian society. The town has been deprived of any kind of development. The government has completely forgotten about this town completely. But, the serial depicts how the people living in this town, been deprived of every luxury and growth manage to stay the happiest. They are full of joy and cheerfulness.

The concept shows that a person can stay happy even in the worst of the situations if he or she has a strong will power and a strong desire to not only stay happy but also spread happiness to others. Mukundi Lal Gupta is the main character in this program that stays with his wife Indumati and his son Chukandi. Mukundi Lal is a person full of delight and keeps smiling always. Few other influential characters of the series are Mishri Bua, Biji Pandey and Kachuachacha. Sharad Joshi is a distinguished writer famous for his stories like “Dilhaiki Manta Nahi”, Dane Anarke”, Vikramaurvetal”, “Ye Jo Hai Zindagi” and a lot more famous television shows.

Hence, the probability of the success of this show gets enhanced by a hundred and ten percent. Apart from this, this is one show to which all Indians can relate themselves. Hence, the show is a treat to watch.



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