Hindi TV Serials Panaah

Actors Cast

Panaah is a Hindi television show that aired on Doordarshan Television Channel. Doordarshan is a national television network. It is under the Government of India and is known for showing many differently themed shows that reflect the Indian society. Panaah is written in the Hindi language and caters to the Hindi speaking crowd of India. Panaah is a complete family drama. Himanshu Consul directs it. The amazingly talented Gulzaar masterminded the opening theme song. It ran for one entire season with 52 episodes in the season. Each episode of this television show ran for a half hour.

Narendra Bharati penned the story, screenplay and the dialogues of Panaah. The producer of Panaah was N. R. Pachisia and the editor for this television show was Mayur Popatia. The original date of release for this show was 17 March 2009. It aired every Tuesday on DD channel at 9:30 PM Indian Standard Timings. The cast of the television show are Saadhika Randhawa, Shweta Gulati and Reshma Modi. This show was mainly dealing with female foeticide which still acts as a huge problem in India. Most uneducated woman and men in India find that women bring shame to the family or think of females as burdensome.

Hence, they destroy the female when she is in the womb itself. It is illegal to find out the sex of the baby now because of the rise of female foeticide. Shona Malakar is a news reporter. She is unmarried. She suddenly discovers that she is pregnant and faces massive crises as society does not accept expecting women who are unmarried. She does not have the support of a husband or her family members. She does not have any place to seek shelter in and cannot go anywhere. Her doctor comes to her rescue when she decides to house her and keep her in her house for humanity’s sake. Her doctor’s name is Dr Divya, and she acts as her saviour.

This show reflects upon society’s misbehaviour towards women who are pregnant but are not married. It shows how they do not allow women to be independent. Shona faces trouble in her personal and professional life because of pregnancy. The man that got her pregnant walks free and does not receive any of the issues that she faces. This show reflected society’s mindset at that times and much has not changed since then.


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