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This series was an Indian crime story, which broadcasted on Star Plus on Sunday evenings. The show premiered on 7th December 2014 and had ended on 12 April 2015. It was a crime fiction but had comedy, drama, and other police procedurals too.

Fremantle Media India Productions produced this series. Mrinal Dutt played the lead character as Raffe Roy Choudhary. Sandhya Mridul had essayed the dual role of Anita Roy Choudhary/Nivedita (Raffe's Mother) in the serial.

The plot is that Raffe Roy is born with sharp instincts and is a criminology student who helps a police inspector A K Tiwari (played by Vrajesh Hirjee) in solving the crimes cases like suicide and kidnapping etc. Other supportive casts in the serial included Roshan Preet, Priya Chauhan, and Aamir Bashir.

Another Version of the Serial...

P.I is short for Private Investigator which is a crime-based serial in the Hindi language that was aired on the channel, Star Plus. Star Plus is a Hindi entertainment channel owned by Star India network. The channel is known for its variety of drama, soap operas, youth-oriented, comedy and all other various genres of shows.

The show, PI was launched on 7th December 2014. After 17 successful episodes, this show came to an end on 12th April 2015. The show has only had one season till now but has garnered a lot of curiosity and liking from the audience as intended by the show. Each episode of the show is one hour long. The show was aired once a week, every Sunday at 8:00 p.m. P.I is a crime based fiction with hints of comedy, drama, and thriller in the plot. The show revolves around a young man named Raffe Roy Choudhary.

Raffe is a 21-year-old young boy living with his mother, Anita Roy Choudhary who has brought him up all by herself. Raffe is a reserved boy by nature as a result of his troubled childhood. This is why he keeps himself busy with solving problems to avoid the questions arising in his head about his past. His mother also does not want him to come face to face with his past as she thinks this could change his life forever. Raffe is a first-year student of criminology and is always very keen about any criminal happenings around him.

He has a very sharp mind and possesses problem-solving skills. His natural instincts are very strong because of which he has always had the dream of being a part of the local crime investigations. He gets this opportunity when Inspector A K Tiwari from the local police station summons him for cases of murder, kidnapping, etc., which seems twisted to him. Raffe has already demonstrated that he is born with sharp, natural instincts and is capable of seeing things that the police usually overlook.

The show is about various types of perplexing crimes that occur around the city and how the local police solve these cases with the help of Raffe’s keen observational skills and determination. They solve a new crime every week. The brain behind the show was of Sourabh Ratnu, who has also directed the show jointly with Anusha Rizvi. The show is produced by Fremantle Media India Productions which has been the production company for many such popular and interesting television shows.

The show has gathered a set of very talented and popular actors to play the lead and supporting role for the show. The lead role of Raffe Roy Choudhary in the show is played by young and new actor, Mrinal Dutt while inspector A K Tiwari’s role is played by ace comedian, Vrajesh Hirjee who is very popular for his comedy roles in various Hindi films. Raffe’s mother’s character has been played by renowned actress, Sandhya Mridul.

Other supporting characters in the show are Raghav played by Roshan Preet, Vija Clamaine Pereira aka VC played by Aamir Bashir, and Dhanalakshmi Rajalakshmi Shrijaya Venkataraman aka Lucky played by Priya Chauhan. The show in its later episodes brought in Amit Behl to play the villainous role of a chemical scientist who had vicious and criminal intentions.


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