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‘Rakkt’ literally means blood. Hence, this fictional show on Epic Channel had to focus on the Indian history that saw how a throne was captured through a pool of blood. Ancient Indian history is known for the struggle of rulers, and even the role of usurpers is taken for granted. ’Rakkt’ narrates and analyzes the most infamous true stories of historical assassinations, which changed the course of modern India.

In Episode -1, the telecast had focused on Panna Devi, who was given charge to take of 5-year old Udai Singh and had sacrificed her own son Chandan. Cousin Banbir after having assassinated the King of Mewar headed to kill Udai Singh, but maid Panna sacrificed her own son and saved the last ruler of Mewar.

She thus finds a great significance in the pages of history and known for her unmatched loyalty to the king. Similarly, the episode -2 had focused on Alaa-ud-din Khilji, who conspired to kill 79-year old Jalal-ud-din, in the 13th century.

The third episode dealt with Narayan Rao Peshwa, who was the fifth Peshwa or ruler of the Maratha Empire. His aunt Anand Bai became jealous as seventeen-year-old Narayan Rao became ruler and hence Anand Bai hatched a plan to murder Narayan Rao.

Thus, every episode explained the viewers that the glory of kings was tainted by heinous crimes and it was achieved various time through a pool of blood (that is Rakkt).


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