Hindi TV Serials Shagun

Shagun was a popular Hindi language Indian Television Drama series on Star Plus. It was created by UTV Software Communications and produced by Star Plus. The show was directed by Kaushik Ghatak, Vijay Saraiya, Vijay Chaturvedi and Sangeeta Rao. It told the take of two cousin sisters and the bond of love between them.

The story of Shagun revolved round the lives of two cousins Aaradhana played by Surbhi Tiwari and Aarti, played by Shweta Agarwal, Vandita Vasu and Pooja Ghai Rawal due to regular replacements. Aaradhana and Aarti, though not real blood sisters, shared a special bonding, respect, care and unexplainable love for each other. Aaradhana considered herself very unlucky having lost in the various walks of life. Aarti on the other hand was an optimist, who is full of life and courage and wants to bring to life all her dreams. She also acts as the pillar of strength for Aaradhana. Marriage comes in the middle of these two sisters and how they deal with the challenges that life throws in their path forms the crux of the story.

The other characters in the show included Karan played by Kabir Sadanand who is Aradhana’s husband, Rajrani played by Rekha Rao who is Aarti’s mother and Aradhana’s Chachi, Kailashnath played by Surendra Pal who is Aarti’s father and Aaradhana’s Chacha, Sumer played by Prashant Narayanan, Lakhi played by Roopa Patel, Suraj played by Jiten Lalwani who is Aarti’s dream man but is in love with Aradhana, Gayatri played by Renu Pandey who is Aaradhana’s mother, Pia played by Dimple Inamdar and Poonam played by Tejal Shah.

The show premiered in 2001 and ended on 4th November, 2004. It was aired Monday-Friday, 9.30 pm on Star Plus.


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