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MT V is back with one of its new-fangled show with a hatke concept, mainly targeting the youth audience. Since time immemorial, we all have built castles on air about our favourite stars and always wanted to imitate them and live their fancy lives. Every Simran waited for his Raj and Every Veer sacrificed his love for Zara But have you ever thought about the inside life of your favourite stars? YES! They too have fun exactly the way you do with your best of buddies.

The show will present an antithetic concept where celebrities will be playing fun loving and amusing pranks on their friends from the industry. It will majorly hit the target audience of MTV i.e., 20-35 years of age Imagine the thrill when heartthrob SiddhartMelhotra will play a prank on the beautiful Alia Bhatt. We all are pretty sure that the audience will have a gala time watching this new show as it is always amusing and enthralling to know the insights of the life of your favourite stars and how they behave when they are with their best buddies.

MTV is always known for all its different and revived classics, and this is one of them, Indeed! It will be a big hit just like the “Bakra” and will give a tough competition to ‘V’ and ‘Bindass’ who have always followed the footsteps of MTV. So, now we all are desperately looking forward to it for setting a new benchmark and attracting a larger audience.


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