Kannada TV Serials Geethanjali - Kannada

Geethanjali is a soap opera and drama series that airs on the Star Suvarna TV Kannada. The show is broadcasted on two of its channels – Star Suvarna and Hotstar. The show has child actors in the lead roles – Rachitha and Nischitha Gowda along with Hemanth, Rajath, Shivani, and Sathvika. Geethanjali is directed by Sanjeev Tagaduru. The show takes on a bold topic of single and divorced parents and their life. Through its characters, the show tries to explore the problems these people have to go through in their life.

Geethanjali, the name of the serial is the combination of its two title characters – Geetha and Anjali. They are played by real life twin duo of Rachita and Nischita Gowda respectively. Geetha and Anjali are two school going kids who are classmates. They both are excellent students. However, they have a very fierce rivalry among themselves in almost every aspect. Be it studies, sports or extra-curricular, Geetha and Anjali always compete and try the one up the other. Their rivalry forms the basis of the show. They both have something else in common aside from their rivalry – they both are daughters of single and divorced parents, Rahul and Priya. After sometime, their rivalry escalates and becomes worrisome which leads to the principal intervening and calling both their parents. 

Geetha and Anjali are let off with warnings. This interaction also serves as the first time Rahul and Priya meet each other. Rahul is instantly attracted to Priya and wants to know her better, and eventually, marry her. The world of Geetha and Anjali turn upside down when Rahul marries Priya and both the kids have to live together. Their new life is not simple and they are struck by a series of tragedies. Can they tackle these problems, forge new relationships and lead a happy life? Geetha and Anjali’s rivalry forms the basis of the show and it's interesting to see how both of them adapt to living with each other.

Will they sacrifice their rivalry for the sake of their parent’s happiness? Geethanjali also ditches traditional characters for its progressive protagonists – single and divorced parents. The show has been praised for the way it puts forward the struggles of these people and how difficult their life can get. It’s also beautiful to see how the show treats its characters without any judgment or prejudices and portrays them as just another simple family.


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