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“Gruhapravesha” is a daily serial telecasted on Kalkii channel, Kannada. The genre of the serial is a family drama. No uncertainty, family dramas have always been a favorite pastime for the homemakers. The series, “Gruhapravesha” is one among the finest of the shows broadcasted by Kalkii channel which helped in earning viewers for the channel. Kalkii channel was launched in the year 2015 by Whitehorse Network. It is the youngest Kannada channel and despite of this, the channel gained ten million viewers within a short time. Gruhapravesha means a house warming ceremony celebrated on the occasion of entering into a new house.

As the title depicts, the plot of the serial revolves around a young couple dreaming of owning a home. Kalkii channel broadcasts all the original shows like Gruhapravesha which are not remade from any other language. Gruhapravesha series features the problems confronted by the middle-class people and the hardships they endure through. Sumanth is the lead role of the series who comes from a small family in the Bangalore city. Anupama is the lead female character who comes from a small town. Sumanth’s grandmother who resides in the same village, was once advised by the priest to get her grandson married at the earliest.

Once, she happens to meet Anupama in a temple. Impressed by her appearance and attitude, she wishes to get Anupama married to Sumanth. Meanwhile, Sathvika who is a distant relative to Sumanth’s family comes into play. How Sumanth ended up tying knot with Anupama despite all the obstacles is the element that retains the curiosity of the viewers. After getting married, Sumanth and Anupama aspire to move into a home of their own. In a city like Bangalore, it is not a cake walk for middle-class people, to own a house.

The couple lives in a crowded apartment along with many other families of the same kind. The duo goes through many hassles and hurdles, facing a lot of hardships; they ultimately carry out their aspiration. The journey of the couple and how they manage to chase their dream is the main plot of the series and the serial rightly captures the emotions and drama between the characters. The serial previously aired on weekdays, from Monday to Friday. The show was broadcasted at 7 PM. The time slot allotted was a fetching factor since the evening hours allows the viewers to take a break from daily chores and relax in front their TVs.



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