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Kalyanee was the adaptation of the Serial Kalyaani in Kannada. The Central theme of the story has been revolving around Kalyaani who had been affected by the dominance of the Male Chauvinistic society in many ways. One such incident was that her father never understood the fact that the girl education would bring out significant changes in the women. He had destroyed her opportunities and made her conventional prototype in the world. Almost her father had written the fate of the girl. Another saddest part was that she lost her mother in the early ages and lacked the moral support.

Unlike other fathers in this Age, her father had decided that she would only be fit for the household chores, and it would be unnecessary expenses towards the spending of a girl child. Her dad was very adamant and stopped her schooling in her Third Grade. When the kids of her had been playing, studying and enjoying their childhood, Kalyaani was struck inside the four walls of her kitchen. Her world was now limited to her house, the market and her village. They could not bring any substantial changes in their life. In contrast, Rama was a handsome Youngman employed in the Software Company as a software engineer. He had been dreaming about the marrying an educated, beautiful, smart, and knowledge women. Ram had been very sarcastic with his female colleagues remarking on her looks. He had prodigious expectation towards her fiancée. But the life had an unnecessary twist in the Rama’s way. Due to some unbearable circumstances, he had been forced to marry Kalyaani.

On realizing that his wife has not educated, he was completely shattered. The twist was not yet over. After marrying Kalyaani, he met a girl with the specification he wanted, and he marks her as a perfect wife. This further increased the gap between the couples. The climax could be shrunken to the following question. What would happen to the relationship between Kalyaani and Rama? Would Rama curtail himself and lead a happy married life? Would Ram go ahead with the Ideal Partner he had found leaving behind Kalyaani? Would Ram accept Kalyaani as her Real Life Partner? Would Kalyaani change herself for her husband? Would Kalyaani be a correct wife in the eyes of Rama? All the answers rest with this sympathetically made story of Kalyaani produced by the Balaji Telefilms Private Limited.



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