Kannada TV Serials Airtel Naane Rajkumar

Airtel Naane Rajkumar is a reality show which came on the channel Colors Kannada. It got developed as a tribute to the legendary icon Rajkumar, who has held a special place in the hearts of all Kannadigas for decades now. It features a contest for finding the next multi-talented person who can take over the mantle of the superstar Rajkumar. The series got produced by the house of Miditech Pvt. Ltd. The program attempts to find someone else who could match up to the exuberant talent displayed by that legend who performed some memorable roles in over two hundred Kannada language films. His memory stays fresh and vibrant in the hearts of any Kannadiga you ask. The contest invites all aspirants who want to prove their mettle.

Auditions got conducted across major cities of Karnataka including that of Bangalore, Bellary, Raichur, Davangere, Dharwad, Mangalore and more. Entry was open, and access was free for anyone who wished to come and perform. The objective was quite simple. They wished to find which of his millions of fans can do justice to his memory and could act, dance, sing, deliver, behave, and dress in the same manner as him. The iconic Rajkumar was born as Singanalluru Puttaswamayya Muthuraju. He adopted his screen name in later years and got the nickname of Dr. Raj. He was amongst the most talented and coveted figures to ever emerge from the Kannada film circuit. He has been widely accepted as one of the best actors within the long history of cinema in India.

A cultural icon, he is amongst the few who have held the status of a matinée idol in the Kannadiga diaspora. He has gotten a variety of popular titles as well. Some of the more memorable ones include Bangarada Manushya (translating to Golden Man), Devataa Manushya (translating to Godman), Karnataka Rathna (translating to Jewel of the Karnataka State), Rajanna (translating to Brother Raj). Apart from this, he has also gotten called Vara Nata (translating to Gifted Actor), Nata Saarvabhouma (translating to Emperor of Actors), Annavru (translating to Beloved Elder Brother).

In addition to all of these he was also fondly recalled as Gaana Gandharva (translating to Singer in Court of Gods), Rasikara Raja (translating to King of the Romantic People), and Vishwa Maanava (translating to Universal Man) amongst others. He gained fame owing to his method acting skills. Rajkumar entered into the world of cinema after completing a long tenure as one of the dramatists in the Gubbi Drama Company, which got run by Gubbi Veeranna. He had joined that company at the young age of eight years old. His first big break as a lead actor occurred in 1954 with the film titled Bedara Kannappa.

All the Airtel Naane Rajkumar episodes are popular among the South Indian audience.


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