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Champion is a TV reality show aired on colors super Kannada. Champion is one of the most watched shows on colors Kannada. It deals with the survival of the fittest and shows how people can overcome dangerous hurdles in a physically challenging situation. The serial shows girls are competing against each other to prove their grit and mettle as they are thrown into an arena with varying landscapes. The nation’s most varying and toughest landscapes are brought into these arenas.

The girls start off from a seashore. Then, they move into a thick jungle where many forms of dangers are encountered and. Later, the girls move over to a region of forts. Lastly, the battle ends in a sandy desert, where the decisive winner is found out. The show successfully captures the essence of bringing all of these landscapes to life with its set of props and equipment.

The most defining aspect of the show is how it quintessentially brings out the fact that women are extremely adept at doing dangerous tasks with equal grit, gumption and guts as much as men, if not, more. It is very satisfying to watch how our country has given birth to such talented women who are more than capable of performing such tasks. This action reality show is hosted by none other than the talented and enthusiastic Rehman Hassan, who was one of the finalists in Big Boss 3 Kannada and a former news anchor.

Champion airs on colors super every week for four days. It has aired one season till now and has had 78 episodes, with the 78th episode wrapping up season 1. The Season Finale was split into two episodes, each of about 80 minutes long, and has received a lot of viewership. Kannada Actress Malashree was a part of the grand finale of Champion.



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