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Halli Katte is a Kannada show under the genre of comedy that is broadcasting on the news channel TV9 Kannada as an insight into the corrupt political set up of every country, state or city. Halli Katti has successfully aired eight thousand episodes over the course of years. TV9 is one of the best news channels of Kannada satellites and is the fastest to avail viewers with attest affair of the day. With its success and fame, it has earned the authority to mock over the political structure of Karnataka. The show represents the issues that are left unnoticed by the caretakers of law and system; thus, Halli Katti raises a voice against this ignorance and sarcastically creates awareness over such situations.

The show precisely focused upon those politicians who had failed to work as per their promises and have continuously avoided the rights and wants of the population. These political parties who were mimicked by four actors are Yeddyurappa, Siddaramaiah and H D Kumaraswamy and an interviewer. They got burned in the debatable topics that were related to the growth and development of Karnataka. The progress that is a promise, is not being implemented by them; neither in their actions nor their thoughts. Halli Katti emphasises on the particularities of the corruptness in the political, economic and social growth of the city. A big scandal followed during the last episodes of the show, a huge number of problems are faced by people who worked with Halli Katti whether on-screen or off-screen. The mockery of the plot is by famous comedian and public worker M S Narasimhamurthy.

His work for the show is applauding, not only for its humour but also for the sarcastic value of reality it carries. The co-workers at the show are congratulated on the success of their motive to create awareness among the general public about the discrepancies of political parties. These helpers involved Chaitra, Chandru, James and Cheluvaraju who are proudly honoured for their efforts made for the success of the show. Halli Katti is a revolutionary serial that every city must employ on their news channels to provoke the public for anything wrong done to them.

It is a change in the scenario of political system reversed in the form of mockery. The show is humorous as well as a vast platform to evoke the patriotic feeling in the hearts of people. A many lot of adaptations should be born, and this mode of mockery should make it as a permanent show for news channels of every state. Halli Katti is remembered by its viewers and there is a fondling demand for its replay telecast in the people of Karnataka.


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