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Karnataka’s Writemen Media Pvt Ltd stepped into the music foray with a twenty-four Kannada music channel called Public Music. Public music is a channel which caters to the widespread audience with every Kannada song the music industry has produced. Healthy Music is one of the shows that telecast on this channel. The channel has gained widespread popularity due to this show that people tune in to listen to every day. The show has a vast repertoire of songs spanning from different genres, having no specific age audience. Music is something which soothes the soul and enters the mind of people.

The words that emanate beauty of the divine lures an extensive audience to this show. Having about eighty percent of movie based songs, this show keeps people updated on the soundtrack new and old movies offer. It enhances their taste in music and introduces them, to new splendid artists, they may not have heard of earlier. With evergreen, memorable songs that people tap their feet to, to devotional music that calms their soul and helps them connect to the almighty this show has a wide forte of songs. The title of the show suits it because the music that the show plays keeps the audience healthy.

The upbeat tempo of “Sarigayi” forces people to get up and shake their hips to the tune, while the devotional songs help them clear their mind of any anxiety or stress and reconnect with their spirit. The aspect which makes this show different from the rest is the wide variety of genre that is from movie based songs to folk songs, classical songs and light band music. With an air of serenity and vivacity, this show is a blessing for all the music lovers who love to lean back and relax listening to good music.

Good music is a necessity of life, since centuries and even though people might clash through their opinions they can reconnect through music. Featuring various artists, old and new there is no monotony in the lineup of the songs, making it show which people wait for each day. Apart from different songs, this show also provides its viewers new knowledge of the music industry and the budding artists. This show is perfect for the music lovers out there, who can now listen to music from the golden era as well the new, proficient talents of the modern era. Healthy music is not a just a show, but a connection of viewers and music.


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