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Kalki Express – Luck Idre Lakshmi is a reality show that aired on Kalki TV. The show was a game show that had families as participants,who had a chance to win huge cash prizes. The show was broadcasted in Kannada and it was hosted by a famous Kannada comedian. Kalki Express – Luck Idre Lakshmi was a unique show in the sense that it travelled all through Karnataka and had families from all over the state. Throughout its run, the show visited many parts of Karnataka and featured families from all over the state. Each episode featured two new families in a new area of Karnataka.

The filming of the episode would take place there itself. This allowed the TV show to have variety and have a look at people all around the state. Each episode would be held at a different city and would be filmed locally at a nearby venue. The show often garnered large crowds who were eager to be a part of the show. The contestants would be two families from the area selected randomly. The families would compete against each other in various rounds of the game show. The games were simple enough for anyone to play and allowed members of all age to enjoy.

Along with the contestants, the crowd could take part in the games too and had a chance to win prizes for themselves. The show started with introductions of the family members followed by multiple rounds of simple activities like quizzes, spin the wheel, etc. The questions and games were centred on Karnataka and its society. Correct answers would increase the families’ chances of winning the grand prize. If the contestants are unable to answer any question, the host would often go to the crowd and the person with correct answer would win a prize.

The show also had exclusive crowd segments where the audience could answer simple questions and win prizes. The show regularly pitted similar members of the family against each other to create a playful rivalry. Along with these games, the host would often direct jokes, taunts and comedic jibes at the contestants to create a lively atmosphere. Kalki Express was a fun show that combined both reality and comedy. The show showcased people from all around the Karnataka and how different their lives are.



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