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Kannada series Morning Superfast is aired on TV9 Kannada version and is telecasted throughout the week from 8:30 am to 9:00 am. This series feeds in the local news, national news and the international news to the inhabitants of Karnataka. General awareness and all the aspects of state are covered in the allocated 30 minutes. The news enhances the knowledge on general things and makes people gain knowledge on various aspects of life. The local news has the top 10 content where news is ranked from 1 to 10 thereby prioritizing it, and the news is forwarded properly. All fields are consulted in that decision of top 10 news; from the field of agriculture and poultry, senses and financial status, poverty and unemployment, sports and games and the assembly decisions which is the matter of interest on state politics, etc.

Each rank pointed news is discussed for a minute, and it is made sure that each news has all its important content delivered to its viewers. Next we get the national news. All the news from across the 30 states and the 7 union territories are taken into consideration, ranked accordingly and is fed to the people of Karnataka in Kannada for even the local people to understand the fields which are more diversified from the state news and every field is usually satisfied and is similarly honoured with each news being given a minute of time to cover all the important points.

The riots at Jammu and Kashmir, the navy and air force details and the national politics are also given importance. And finally we get to the international news where all the events across the globe are discussed. The news is given proper priority, and the top 10 news of the day are expressed and news is diversified more than the national and state stuff like the global bodies of UNO, the sports and games like cricket, soccer, and tennis and social affairs like pacts and treaties, etc. The top 10 most prioritized news are telecasted as top 10 and each news is given the screen time of approximately about a minute and the news is delivered in Kannada.


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