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Over the span of a few decades, the crime rate has reached a horrendous high. This condition is prevalent not only in India but, in several parts of the world. The situation has become dire. There are several citizens who are petrified to step out of their homes. This is because the terror of crime has enveloped them. Many of us bear a strong desire of bringing in changes. They feel the need of subsuming new steps. On the contrary, some people reckon that there is nothing one can do. They have given up on the hope of transformation.

There are various factors which give birth to a criminal's mind. Family plays a crucial role here. If a person does not receive adequate nourishment in his childhood, problems will definitely come his way. The mushrooming level of poverty plays a significant part in this process as well. Poor people often descend to illegal ways to fulfill their needs. This practice engulfs children as well.

The Government can take multiple measures to perish criminal activities. For instance, it can put up more police forces on duty in areas prone to higher crime rates; they can consider turning to increased technological help, and they can enforce stricter laws and punishing methods. However, we as people can bring in changes too.

And this is what the show Nirbhaya is all about. It aired in the Kannada language on the channel Suvarna TV. 'Nirbhaya' means fearless. Thus, the show's aim is to create awareness and to inculcate fearlessness in the minds of its viewers. The makers of the show hope that via this series, people will begin to comprehend the kind of crime that is taking place in their milieu. The most significant lesson that one can get from this production is that felonies can happen anywhere, at any point in time! Therefore, it is imperative for us to stay vigilant and cautious. It explains various methods via which we can safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. Over the period of its telecast, the show has dealt with issues like molestation, sexual assault, rape, dowry deaths, abduction, domestic brutality by husband or in-laws, acid sallies, eve-teasing, thievery, murder and cyber threats.

It first aired on 15th January 2015. Its telecast commenced at 10 pm every Sunday.

Celebrated Kannada actor Adi Lokesh, who appeared in films like Dhan Dhana Dhan and Raaj the Showman, hosted this television series.



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