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‘Sandalwood Samachar’ is a news entertainment show which is aired on ‘ETV Kannada’. Like most other news shows, the host talks about the famous personalities of the Kannada films and what they are up to. In just half an hour, we get to know about the various parties which are happening across the industry, new brands being launched, new love interests and other such gossips. During the show, the anchor is seen standing in a studio. Behind her, there is a big screen which displays various Sandalwood actors from their famous movies. It resembles a futuristic set up where one is surrounded by screens from all angles.

At the bottom of the screen there is a banner which shows the recent happenings in the industry in written form. The format of the show is very intriguing! Every episode starts with the host being overly excited and telling the audience how it won't be able to believe what is happening in the show business! The anchor talks about what an amazing week it has been and how so much has happened. She discusses the various love interests and rumors; basically everything she says is gossip. She tells the audience about why a fight broke down between two stars, why two people are not talking with each other and more of such spicy stories.

The relationship between a director and an actor is one of the various hot topics which need to be discussed. All in all, speculation is the key for the running of the show. If they find any two people close together, then the anchor will start speculating about their relationship! This is not just exclusive to this serial, as almost all the media involved in the show business does the same thing.

There is a small bar at the bottom of the screen which displays the recent news and rumors. Small animated graphics are also used to emphasize the funny things which have been happening! The show then looks at the opening ceremonies of various brands which the stars attended, it also looks at the press conferences of the actors who have endorsed various brands. In the end, the host bids the viewers goodbye and promises to come back with more news and hot gossips.



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