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A serial that depicted the life of two women, whom circumstances brought together in the oddest way and how they find solace in the least expected place- this is the story line of Akkarapacha. Akkarapacha was about the life of a woman who gets married to a man who is much elder to her out of compulsion. It is only after the marriage that she comes to know that he was already married and has a wife and a son. The evil deeds of their husband bring the two women together and each one offers solace to the other. When their husband leaves them for good, it is more than a welcome relief for them. Amidst all the social, emotional and mental troubles they face, they struggle to piece their lives back, in which they succeed. When their husband returns to them, there are scores the women wanted to settle. The serial was an eye opener for many women, who succumb to the tortures of their husband, not voicing their opinion nor realizing their talent. The serial had a tragic element involved where in one of the wives die out of tuberculosis. A very well crafted plot with the acting skills of the actors like Reshmi Soman made this a very well-known serial.

(Telecasted in Asianet)


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