Malayalam TV Serials Grihasakhi

Grihasakhi, the Malayalam language TV show was a program specially made for women. Jeevan TV, a popular Malayalm language channel telecast this TV show.

The TV was aired from 2012. Anusree, a famous anchor in the Malayalam industry hosted this TV show. The special TV show was made to address the women who want to do something in their lives than just being a home maker. Women who wanted to step out of their houses or just wanted to start their work from home, at their places were the major target audiences. In the TV show, Anusree, the host paid visits to the hoses of various female entrepreneurs. She went to all the places where females were working for themselves. These females were those who have started their work from their homes only. Those were the female business entrepreneurs who drove their passion into something material.

The host interviewed every guest. She went to meet and interview female entrepreneurs like; Jennfier Augestin who is an Arts and Craft expert, Ashima Arjun who is a fashion designer, Bipasha who works for her passion of Mehndi design, Jyothidi Aswani who has a beautiful business mind and works as an entrepreneur, Sithara Balakrishnan who gave a shot to her passion of being an actress and classical dancer and succeeded, Sheila Kouhouseph who is the managing director of V Star, Lakshmi Devi who works as the Joint Secretary and the Executive Director of a home which is made for the destitute women, the name of this home is Abhayagramam, Rupa Kuldip who is a female playback singer, Simi who is a music teacher and teaches at the Amadeus Academy which is a music and fine arts academy, and chats with many other women achievers. These women talked about their stories of; finding their passion, working towards that passion, hardships they had to face because of being a woman, stories of success moments of failures, family pressure or support, the reality of business world, the specialty of their work, business ideas and tactics, and a lot more with Anusree.

This ladies program inspired a lot of females around the state to start their own business. The show provided the females with perfect inspiration, lots of business ideas, steps of stepping into business world from home, ideas of starting work from home, finding the passion, promoting the business, and a lot more. The perfect inspiring show was hugely watched by the audiences, and it became popular among them in no time.


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