Malayalam TV Serials Arabian Jalakam

Arabian Jalakam is a Malayalam show that broadcasts on Jeevan TV every day from 4:00 pm to 4:30 pm. It is an entertainment series which concerns with the affairs of Malayalam culture in the Arabian cities. Jeevan TV is a news-based channel whose headquarter is in Kochi, Kerala, India. The popularity of the network is uncountable. The first entertainment programme and affairs aired in the year 2002 as a great success. Arabian Jalakam is an informative show that deals with the news and affairs about those Malayalam people residing in Arabian cities.

It includes the cultural, social and political event that the population conduct regarding South Indians. The events work as a medium of insight into the life, progress and welfare of people who are otherwise distant; it also develops a fraternised feeling in the hearts of people who are away from their country, state, city, home and culture. To give them an open path of remembrance of their existence, reality and identity Arabian Jalakam and the workers related with it work hard day and night. Their motive lies in the satisfaction of their brothers in Arabia; not that they do not want to come back, but their progress is in those cities, making it more important for them to help these migrated relatives live happily.

The host of the show is not stable due to the shoot which happens in Arabia. The cultural events taking place in Arabian cities among the Malayalis very well conveys to Malayalis in India through the Jeevan TV channel. The platform provides communication and knowledge of both culture and harmonious atmosphere of people in Arabia. It is an honourable show with different thoughts; the news series limits to shooting the incidents, but Arabian Jalakam works as a provider of happiness. A stage where the charming sides of information come, making thousands of people excited and happy.

A Serial like Arabian Jalakam is a sign of fraternity that spreads across countries not bothered about the criticism it might face in the eyes of curiosity and indulgence. The positive approach of the idea to connect with far away Malayalis and know about their day-to-day life, how they keep the tradition alive and whether or not they are proud to be Malayalam based citizens. The question of identity is emphasised in the show to bring out the bright edges of patriotism and brotherhood. The serial is appreciated and enthusiastically promoted by one and all. It forms the heart and soul of people away from home to the love of people still at home. Arabian Jalakam reduces the geographical distance between people from the same region.


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