Malayalam TV Serials Arangu

Arangu is a Malayalam daily soap opera, which is telecasted on Monday to Friday on Kairali TV. It is based on the moral side of the judiciary. It deals with various cases which have had a profound impact on its parties. In the legal world, the statute is never the final law. Lawyers know how to find the loopholes and use them to their advantage. The judgments given by the judges by that particular law, is called the final law or in other words, precedent. It contains stories from the lawyer’s perspective.

In one episode, there's a college student who is murdered. Everyone starts suspecting the girl who he had raped, to be the one who has sent him to the clouds. It is later shown that it was his friends who were responsible for his death. A man named Alex is found to be murdered in his bedroom. The Prosecutor puts the blame on his friend Vinu. He is the son of the prosecutor’s enemy, Prabhakara. Prabhakara refuses to believe the allegations against his son. He hires another lawyer to fight the case for him.

After many debate, and delays from the judges, it is made known that, it was, in fact, the prosecutor’s son who has killed Alex, and he had known it all along. The Prosecutor was later charged with contempt of court. These episodes help us to improve our legal knowledge. It also shows the dark side of the judiciary. How by having enough money, you can influence the decisions. It also talks about how poor people find it difficult to get access to legal aid.

People sometimes misuse the law for their benefit. It might be for getting control over somebody’s money or his or her’s property. There needs to be a judiciary who can take these things into account and devise a way in which the judgement is just and fair. Arangu gives suggestions on this topic. It is a good show for future lawyers. It talks about the Political establishment across the state and country, and different are their problems. In the end, justice is given to the person who deserves it, and that is the storyline of the whole show


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