Malayalam TV Serials Janam Parayatte

Janam Parayatte is a news and information show that airs on Darshana TV. The show is aired in the Malayalam language. It airs weekly, and the show is part of the channel’s special news programming. Janam Parayatte is a mix of news, talk show, and investigative journalism. The show involves the host or anchor of the show that talks to several people and discusses various issues with them. The show brings the best of all these styles together to create a unique show.

Each episode of Janam Parayatte focuses on a different topic or issue. The topics come from the news that dominated for the past few weeks or issues that require urgency, like State or National elections. Sometimes, broader themes like poverty, employment, education are also touched. However, the show prioritizes current events. Another thing that the show does is that it minimizes the involvement of experts but emphasizes the participation of common people.

After introducing the topic, the host then goes on to talk to various people that he or she encounters. The episode is shot in a different area every time and the area is selected where the people are most affected by the issues. For example, for discussing poverty and employment, the show visits slums and poor areas in a city. The people that are talked to are different and come from all walks of life. Businessmen, employees, laborers, servants, all are welcomed on the show and encouraged to share their opinion.

The common people do not sugar-coat things, and as such we get an unbiased and complete view of what they actually feel. The interviews or discussions are conducted everywhere – from a roadside food stall to a bus stop. With the different kinds of people that talk on the show, every point of view is bound to be discussed. The show does have the presence of subject experts, who give a detailed view on the subject. They provide facts and statistics to establish their view.

The experts have spent years studying and working on the subject, and as such provide a realistic view on the matter. Thus, the show can provide a view from all the parties involved in the debate – experts and the people who are affected the most. The show is unrivalled in its style and presentation. Perhaps, only the Hindi show ‘Ravish Ki Report’ comes close to what the show tries to do. For a person who’s interested in the issues that affect our society, this show is a must watch.


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