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Kanne En Kanmanayie is a daily drama series that came on the Youtube channel. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday. The story of the program is a love story between the two protagonists and the various challenges which come in their way. It traces the journey of this couple who both are mad about one another and will go through hellfire to be with one another. It has a strong emotional backbone with a very touching story.

The series got directed by the acclaimed pair of Anil V.Kumar and Muzammil Desai. They have both done a tremendous job of molding the story. They have helped other exciting ventures in the past which got loved a lot by the viewers. They get supported by a talented cast who have shaped their roles and characters very nicely. This includes some stellar performances from the likes of Kasinathuni Viswanath and Mahadevan. They get joined by other excellent actors such as Raja Babu, Rajitha Murthy, Udhaya Sarath, and Raji. They have all played very believable roles and make you sympathize and connect to what is unfolding in front of us. As Kanne En Kanmanayie opens, we get introduced to the leading pair of Arjun and Arohi.

We get to know these two better and how they are as persons. They come from very different backgrounds and have gotten raised in very different fashions. Arohi Sharma is a girl who is fun loving and is always excited about the future. She is someone who stays happy and spreads this happiness to others around her as well. She one day joins a new job in a company which got owned by Arjun. His personality is opposite to that of Arohi. He comes from a rich family and has had his whims and fancies fulfilled all his life.

He can’t bear the sight of Arohi or tolerate her personality. He has a grudge against all women, in general, owing to certain bad childhood experiences which he had with his mother. Due to this, he gives Arohi a hard time and keeps getting in her way. She tries her best to please him or avoid him, but fate seems to keep pushing them both together. However, slowly and steadily, Arjun starts to see the error of his ways and also fall in love with Arohi. She starts to become an inseparable part of his life whom he must always have around him. She too takes care of him and helps him out in hours of need.


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