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Tamil TV Serials Kayitham

Kayitham is a Tamil TV serial getting aired in PuthuYugam TV channel from Monday to Friday by 7.30 PM. The serial deals with the problems and relationships of people from the downtrodden society.

Kuyyan lives in the slum of Nethilikkuppam in Chennai along with his mother. He lives as a loafer, drinks a lot and robs money from people to survive with his drinking. Annakkili is his mother who's having trouble in finding a girl for his son as his attitude doesn't fit any family at all. Moreover, the people living nearby the slum already know about Kuyyan and so they're not ready to find a girl for him. However, Kuyyan's mother manages to convince her niece Parvathi to marry her son. But after marriage, when she starts living with Kuyyan she gets disappointed. The locality where they live and its unhygienic conditions are not what she expected in her new home. To top all that, she gets shattered when she finds that her husband is a drunkard and a thief. She starts staying aloof from her husband which in due course makes Kuyyan to realize his mistakes. When he intends to start a new life, the police are not ready for it since they have filed cases against Kuyyan.

There's another character lives in the same slum whose name is Jegathalan. Unlike Kuyyan, he's a wonderful person and is a Kabadi player. Though his father is an alcoholic, his mother Chitrangi works as a maid and supports her son. Jegathalan loves Jacqueline, who's the daughter of Esther. But Esther is not in favor of his love since his father is a drunkard. Whether the police accepts Kuyyan'srealisation and how manages to marry his lady love forms the rest of the story.

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