Tamil TV Serials Kulothunga Sozhan

Kulothunga Sozhan is a history based daily series that came on the Doordarshan network. It is a Tamil language show and came on between Monday and Friday. The program featured the story about one of the greatest kings to ever head the Chola dynasty, Kulothunga Chola. This magnum opus got directed by the acclaimed T.Rajendar. He brought this grand saga to life on the Indian television screens. He got supported by an able cast of actors who played their roles believably. It became one of the most popular serials of its time with a dedicated viewership who would log in every day diligently. From the sets to the characterization and the diction, everything got designed to perfection. Kulothunga Chola ruled over the Chola Empire during the period of the late 11th century till the early 12th century.

His reign was one of the most glorious periods in the history of the kingdom. He features amongst one of the few sovereigns who had got the title of Kulottunga, which literally translates to mean “exalter of his race.” When he came to power, during the early years he undertook a land survey. He thus based his taxations on the basis of the settlements. The records that got maintained also act as testimony for his highly organized systems extending over the fiscal as well as the local administrative functions. He had maintained diplomatic relationships with the northern city of Kanauj and also with countries such as Cambodia, Sri Lanka, and even China. His court boasted of highly talented individuals such as the poet Jayamkondar, who had written the poem titled Kalingattu Parani.

This poem celebrated the military victories of the campaigns undertaken by Kulothunga Chola. He got popular as a liberal ruler who had given lots of land grants to the people belonging to the Shudra community and who became generals as well as royal officials under his reign. He even established Chola over lordship extending to regions as far as the province of Kedah located in Malaysia. Kulothunga Chola was born as the grandson of the famous Rajendra Chola I. Even being a Chola prince he led conquests to the province of Kedah which he did on behalf of his uncle, the Emperor Virarajendra Chola during the 11th century. He also led the conquests over Bastar, which got located in modern day Chhattisgarh. Many ancient documents, as well as fragmented inscriptions which have gotten found in different places, give us information about the events that occurred during his crowning as the Emperor.


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